A Partnership Between DigiWriting and OLA to Highlight Ontario Libraries

When was the last time you were at a library? Was it to borrow a book? To find a quiet place to study? Or perhaps you were taking part in an afterschool program. Regardless, we bet you discovered something interesting about your local library while you were there.

Libraries are important, both for authors and publishers. They are not only a promotional arm for new releases and a venue for book launches, but they also instill a love for reading, foster the importance of literacy, and give the public equal access to books and information. This speaks to our love of books and the value we place in them.

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Yet as our literary landscape is changing, so are libraries. As authors and publishers embrace digital technology, Ontario libraries are doing the same. There are many libraries that are creating innovative programming around digital technology, as well as individual community needs. For example, the library in Thunder Bay allows its patrons to borrow fishing equipment.

DigiWriting is proud to partner with the Ontario Library Association to increase awareness of important issues faced by libraries across Ontario as well as highlight the various technological and programming changes that are revolutionizing how we think about our local library. It’s to every author and publisher’s advantage to be aware of how their local libraries are changing. 

Check back every month for a new post written by a representative of a specific Ontario library.


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