We’re About Book Marketing. 

Growing out of a small publisher, DigiWriting and our book marketing experts understand that many authors have a lifelong dream of having a published book. For small and independent publishers, many simply dream of building their title list and turning a profit. While each group is inherently unique, both are similar in that they often have limited resources when it comes time to market their book(s). Given the partnership roles we have with events such as #Pit2Pub, groups such as Short Story Connect, and the ongoing work we do for independent authors, our publisher clients, and our sister company, Blue Moon Publishers, we are all too familiar with this struggle, and we want to help you promote your hard work to an audience that matters. That’s why we started DigiWriting.

We’re About Results. 

With so many book marketing options available, it can be confusing when deciding what the best and most cost-effective options are for you and your book(s). After speaking with many authors and small publishers who are unfamiliar with the marketing landscape, we wholeheartedly understand this feeling. Our staff also understand the overwhelming feeling of frustration while trying to get your book(s) noticed in an overcrowded market – it’s not easy! Our staff and services aim to relieve your confusion and frustration and deliver the results you need.

We’re About Integration. 

At DigiWriting, our mission is simple: to help our authors and publishers get the exposure and attention their titles deserve. Our staff, including senior members, will work with you to create your ideal integrated book marketing and publicity program to help you, your book and your brand stand out from the crowd. Our services include book launches, social media start-up and management, access to professional book reviewers, press releases, expert consultations and more!