5 More Tips To Support Your Book Signing Event

Now that you’ve written your book and your marketing plan is in place,  it’s time to go to your first book signing!  Follow our ongoing 6-part series where we’ll share tips to ensure that a book signing is a memorable and successful experience for you.

1) Wear an outfit you love

And make sure it’s comfortable! Who knows how long you’ll be sitting or standing. This includes footwear especially! In clothing that makes you feel comfortable, you’ll likely feel more relaxed as well.

2) Get people to show up

Ensure that the bookstore or venue has the event up on their website and has been doing some promo in-store and through social media—but also understand these tasks fall on you as well. Bookstores don’t generally have a built-in audience that flocks out to every event.

Send out galley letters to local media, both print and online. Make flyers to give away at the bookstore, to passersby on the street, and to post on community boards.

3) Ask people for reviews

Reviews on sales sites—Amazon, Goodreads, Indigo—help people discover your title and aid promotion. They act as a metric by which many products, especially books, are judged. So, as you’re making your rounds, make sure to slip that into conversation.

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4) Work on your elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a description of your book in one sentence—something short and snappy that will leave readers eager to learn more. Rehearse it. It is important to have a clear pitch so that you don’t stammer or “blank” in the middle of a signing.

5) Practice signing

Don’t overthink inscriptions. The important thing is to meet the person, sign your name, smile, and thank them… and enjoy the moment of handing over your finished book.  Don’t be too concerned about having clever inscriptions, but adding the reader’s name is an effective personal touch.

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Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist