Everything You Need to Know Before Pitch Day!

We’re only a few short days away from #CanLitPit taking over Twitter on Wednesday, February 8, 2017! Over the past few weeks, we have had quite a number of great questions regarding everything from how to participate to self-published authors.

In this post, we’ve provided an overview of all of the various questions we’ve answered to help others who may have similar questions. Should you have any last minute questions, please email Adam Mawer at adam@digiwriting.com.

Q: How do I participate in #CanLitPit?

A: Participating in #CanLitPit is easy! First, you need to be a Canadian writer with a completed and polished manuscript ready to pitch to a publisher or literary agent. Next, you will need to craft 1 or more pitches to post to Twitter on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. If a participating publisher or literary agent “likes” (favourites) your pitch, this is an indication that you should submit your work following their submission guidelines.

Q: How do I write my #CanLitPit pitches?

A: To get started writing your #CanLitPit pitches, we recommend reviewing our pitch workshop. Within this workshop-style blog post, you will find an easy-to-follow outline for writing your own pitches.

Q: What do I need to include in my #CanLitPit pitches?

A: In order for your pitch to be found by a publisher or literary agent, you MUST include the hashtag #CanLitPit as well as your age and genre hashtags. Here is an example of an acceptable pitch:

Asher’s world is spinning as his former realities become mind-bending and supernatural illusions. Is life only a trick? #A #SF #CanLitPit

The writer in the above example is pitching an Adult (#A) manuscript that has a science-fiction theme (#SF). The full list of age and genre hashtags can be found at digiwriting.com/canlitpit in the drop down menu at the bottom of the page

Q: #CanLitPit stands for Canadian Literature Pitch. Does this mean that only literary manuscripts can be pitched?

A: Absolutely not! Writers from all genres–both fiction and non-fiction–are welcome to participate in the event.

Q: Do I need to tag @DigiWriting in my pitches?

A: No! A member of our team will be monitoring the event to offer assistance to those who may need it. If you require assistance on event day, please send us a direct message.

Q: I am a self-published author. Can I participate in #CanLitPit?

A: This is a tricky question to answer as it depends entirely on the publisher or literary agent and their policies. Some will not, under any circumstance, work with self-published authors. On the other hand, some may work with a self-published author if the author is willing to make changes or additions to their previously published work. While you are welcome to pitch on event day, we recommend making it very clear that your manuscript was previously self-published. This can be done in a separate tweet.

Q: How do I participate in the FREE #CanLitPit pitch workshop?

A: Approximately one week before #CanLitPit, we will post a workshop-style blog that will include pitching techniques, methods, and advice from experienced editors. After you review the workshop, writers are invited to post their pitches on a special post through DigiWriting’s Facebook page to receive feedback and tips from their fellow writers.

Q: If I receive a “like” on event day, is DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency involved after #CanLitPit concludes?

A: No, we are not involved. Once an author receives a like from a publisher or literary agent, it is up to the writer to submit their manuscript following the submission requirements. We will not be offering any assistance in regard to this process.

Q: What if I am contacted by a member of the press during #CanLitPit for an interview? 

A: Congratulations! Your pitches are not only being seen by participating publishers and literary agents, but by the media as well. If you are contacted for an interview, please let us know through a direct message on Twitter, as we’d love to promote your interview on our social media during #CanLitPit!

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