DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency is an integrated book marketing and publicity agency specializing in custom publicity solutions for publishers and authors.
DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency is located in the heart of Stratford’s downtown core and the busy St. Lawrence Market area of downtown Toronto. Our address is:

DigiWriting Foundation & Production
32 Erie St. E.
2nd Floor
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 2M4

DigiWriting Marketing
100 Front Street East, 4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1E1 Canada

You can reach us by emailing hello@digiwriting.com or by using the contact form on our website. We will get back to you within 48 business hours.
Our regular hours of operation are Monday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm with the exception of all Canadian holidays.
Awesome! To get started, please email us at hello@digiwriting.com or use the contact form on our website. Be as specific as possible and include information such as your name, country of residence and as much information on your book(s) as possible (description, genre, projected publication date, etc.).
Our book marketing experts are fully capable to work with any genre. Our past clients include both non-fiction (i.e. memoir, self-help) and fiction authors (i.e. young adult, women’s fiction, mystery).
There are two aspects that make DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency unique:

A) Our Publishing Experience
Growing out of a small publisher, DigiWriting and our book marketing experts understand that many authors have a lifelong dream of having a published book. For small and independent publishers, many simply dream of building their title list and turning a profit. While each group is inherently unique, both are similar in that they often have limited resources when it comes time to market their book(s). Given the partnership roles we have with events such as #Pit2Pub, groups such as Short Story Connect, and the ongoing work we do for independent authors, our publisher clients, and our sister company, Blue Moon Publishers, we are all too familiar with this struggle, and we want to help you promote your hard work to an audience that matters. That’s why we started DigiWriting.

B) Embracing Integration and Modern Marketing
At DigiWriting, our mission is simple: to help our authors and publishers get the exposure and attention their titles deserve. Our staff, including senior members, will work with you to create your ideal integrated book marketing and publicity program to help you, your book and your brand stand out from the crowd. Our services include book launches, social media start-up and management, access to professional book reviewers, press releases, expert consultations and more!

For a full list of past clients, please click here. To view our case studies, please click here.
After working with several small and independent publishers, we truly understand that the majority have limited resources to put towards marketing their titles. We also acknowledge the fact that many small and independent publishers watch every penny, making book marketing a costly and, at times, a risky endeavor if a return on investment (ROI) isn’t guaranteed. With the additional cost of hiring internal marketing staff, many independent and small publishers end up losing money on their marketing activities.

By working with our book marketing experts, you’re adding their publishing, marketing and publicity knowledge to your team. We have successfully worked with small and independent publishers throughout North America by increasing author, title and brand awareness with the primary goal of book sales at the heart of our efforts.

Absolutely! Volume discounts are based on the number of titles included in your service contact. Please contact us for more details.
We sure do! Our book marketing experts embrace modern publishing and understand that many authors are choosing to self publish or do so with a smaller, independent press that may lack the necessary marketing infrastructure.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact us!

DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency will work with publishers and authors on titles that are not published in English if a translated version is or will be available. If not, we ask that the author communicate with us in English so we can effectively assist in the title’s promotion.
Our services vary in price depending on the service itself and the length of the contract. However, you can be rest assured that our rates are competitive and reasonable.
Consultation time with top agency management is available for inclusion with every contract. Please contact us for more details.