Even More Tips To Support Your Book Signing Event

You’ve written your book, your marketing plan is in place, and it’s time to go to your first book signing! This post concludes our ongoing 6-part series where we’ll share our expert tips and tricks to result in the best book signing experience possible.

1) Bring a tablecloth

In case the venue doesn’t set the table with a tablecloth, bring one with you. This added touch makes your table look cheery and professional, and lets you add your personality to the event in a subtle way.

2) Partner up to promote your event

If you know of another author in the area who writes in a similar genre, ask if they would like to do a joint signing with you. This way, you are able to share your audiences and double your promotional reach. Somebody who is interested in one author’s book may want to read the other’s next!

3) Befriend a local cafe

You can also befriend a local cafe, and then invite attendees to carry on conversations there after the signing.  The cafe may be able to offer a group promo or discount, and in exchange, you will help attract more business. See if they’d like to sell your book or feature it in a display.

Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist

4) Don’t exhaust your market

Seek out bookstores that are far enough apart that you won’t be exhausting the market. We encourage authors to try to sign at one bookstore per town or city, depending on size and audience. Of course, if you do one signing at a chain bookstore and then another at a niche one in the same town, you reduce the risk of bombarding the same audience.

5) Confirm

Confirm the details with your bookstore or venue a few days before the event. This will make you look professional and show the manager that you take your event seriously. By clarifying set-up details  beforehand it also takes a bit of stress away from the day.

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Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist