Custom Book Publicity Services

At DigiWriting, our book marketing experts understand that your book is one of millions published each year. With so many books on the market, you may be wondering how we can we make yours stand out.

The answer is simple. By taking an integrated approach to book promotion and publicity, our book marketing experts leverage a variety of resources and touchpoints to create a synergy of messaging. The result is a stronger campaign that creates  meaningful relationships between your book and your audience.

Our custom book publicity services are available to any author looking to build an effective, integrated solution to promote their latest book.

Services in your customized publicity package may include:

Book Review Service

What’s in a book review? Well, a lot.

Book reviews draw the attention of potential buyers, both consumer and trade, and often lead to a purchase.  For this reason, many authors are eager to list their book with us on NetGalley to have access to over 100,000 professional reviewers including bloggers, media, educators, librarians and booksellers.


Book Cover Design

They say to “never judge a book by its cover” yet we know the opposite is true.

Our book marketing experts understand how important a genre-appropriate and eye-catching cover can be for a book. If you fail to capture a browser’s attention, you’ve lost a sale. With only seconds to make an impression, every element – type, colour, images and layout – must work together. That’s why it pays to get your book cover right.


Author Branding & Graphics 

Do you need a logo, symbol or other brand related elements?

Our book marketing experts can assist by designing attractive, branded graphics that are appropriate for any medium as well as your genre, writing style or book title. Graphics for social media such as custom cover photos are also available.


Social Media Services

Get back to writing. Leave the liking, tweeting, pinning and posting to us.

Our book marketing experts are always on top of the latest social media marketing trends and best practices and understand how to leverage the most popular channels to achieve the best results for your book. If you are looking to stand out, grow your audience, build long-lasting relationships and sell more books, we can help.

Our author social media services are offered on a Start-Up or Monthly Management basis and may include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Goodreads.


Press Releases & Press Kits 
Do you have a press kit? The answer should always be “yes!”

You never know when your big break may occur so it’s best to be prepared with an engaging and to-the-point press kit appropriate for media and bloggers. Press kits decrease the amount of research a journalist or blogger needs to do on you or your book enabling faster coverage to a wider audience.

A professionally written and edited press release is included in every press kit. Press releases (including distribution) are also available without the press kit.

Expert Consultations 

Our senior staff are only a click or two away.

From editing to post-release, our senior book marketing experts are available to provide expert advice while on your book marketing journey. With experience in the publishing, marketing and publicity industries, we’re confident that we can help you overcome and address any uncertainty and apprehension related to your book’s marketing.