5 More Tips To Support Your Book Signing Event

You’ve written your book, your marketing plan is in place, and it’s time to go to your first book signing! Follow our ongoing 6-part series where we’ll share marketing tips to make this a positive experience you will never forget.

1) Go outside your comfort zone

Talking to strangers may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it probably isn’t as scary as you may anticipate. Take small steps towards moving out of your comfort zone. For example, if you generally like to sit behind a desk, try standing beside it for a while. If you’re nervous to initiate conversation, try making eye contact and giving a smile instead.

2) Bring your own pens

What pens do you find most comfortable with which to write? Which have the best flow and write with the greatest ease? Bring a variety of colours to add some personality to your signatures, and make sure they’re working before the event starts.

3) Bring an ally

When the big day comes, the best thing you can do is be confident. This is your event, so let it reflect your personality. If the venue is not selling the book on your behalf, ask a friend to come along and be in charge of book sales, to take away some stress. That way, you can focus on just meeting people and signing books.

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4) Engage your audience

Ask questions! Many people enjoy talking about themselves. People in bookstores are generally readers, so if you ask them what kinds of books they enjoy reading or what their favourite book has been recently, you will most likely receive an enthusiastic answer.

5) Say thank you

After your event is over, take a deep breath, but don’t stop there. Offer to donate a signed copy of your book to the venue—a raffle prize?—and sign additional copies they may have purchased. Write personal notes to everyone who helped you: your friends who sold books, a reporter who interviewed you, the venue team. This leaves a good impression and increases the chances of a return invitation.

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