First Time Author Ron Sexsmith Is Curious to Hear Feedback on His Writing

From October 20—22, 2017, the Stratford Writers Festival will take over Stratford, Ontario, as some of Canada’s top literary and creative talents come together for this unique three-day festival. With the festival rapidly approaching, we caught up with attending author and performer Ron Sexsmith to ask him a few questions about his latest projects, and why literary festivals are important to the Canadian artistic community.

To hear more from Ron, click here to purchase tickets to his upcoming Stratford Writers Festival events: The Songwriters Circle, Literary Lunch at Pazzo, and Past, Present, and Uncertain Future with Terry Fallis and Craig Terlson.

In September 2017, you released your first published novel entitled Deer Life. Why did you choose to write a fairy tale?

That’s how the idea was presented to me in my dream. I saw a boy and a witch and it didn’t seem like it could be any other kind of story but a fairy tale.

How does your songwriting process differ from writing a novel?

Well, songwriting is easier because you can rely on repetition and melody to carry it all along. Writing this book was the hardest writing assignment I’ve ever given myself. I was completely out of my element for most of the process.

Why do you feel it’s important to meet readers at events such as the Stratford Writers Festival?

I’m just curious mostly…this is my first book so I’m interested in hearing feedback and questions, etc.

What is your favourite part about attending writers festivals or literary events?

Usually the free booze…if there is any.

Are you working on any projects right now?

I’m working on songs for a musical based on my book Deer Life.


To hear more, don’t miss Ron’s Stratford Writers Festival events including the Songwriters Circle, the Literary Lunch at Pazzo, and his panel Past, Present, and Uncertain Future.

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