Writer’s Block: Limiting Yourself

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How To Avoid Limiting Yourself And Your Writing Terry Pratchett says that “there is no such thing as writer’s block” and that “[writer’s block] was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.” But maybe what these writers (even including the Californian ones) are feeling is a sort of disconnect between what they want to write [...]

Writer’s Block: Taming the inner perfectionist

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How to Silence your Inner Critic Do you ever question what you're writing or ask yourself whether it's good enough? Writers can be their own worst critics, especially during the act of writing itself. This kind of self judgement can break the creative flow, and worse yet, cause actual writer's block. Before you start listening to [...]

Writer’s Block: The Same story, all over again

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The Cycles of Productivity and what it does to your writing by Phillip Smalley Writer's block. We usually think of it as a temporary blockage of creative spirit or energy which is resolved at some point and can be remedied through various solutions. Things like taking a walk, doing some exercise or changing the environment [...]

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