Writing your own cookbook with Theresa Albert

Take your recipe book from concept to complete cookbook during this Write Now Retreat focusing on cookbook writing! Food Network host Theresa Albert is here to guide you through the process. Whether you want to collect your family favourite recipes or pitch to a publisher, the steps are the same.

During this three day retreat, you will hone your concept, noodle your plans, and decide on your style. You will pick colours that define your food and a font that screams ME, and shape your model.  Theresa will outline simple steps, give you a method to follow, and investigate some programs that can make things easier. She will also touch upon how to craft a nutritional analysis. Finally, you will pull it all together. This retreat offers valuable one-on-one time with an expert in the field, and will be targeted to meet the individual needs of participants.

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This retreat is for anyone who is interested in creating a cookbook, whether as a family treasure or market-ready publication. 

About Write Now Retreats

Each year, we assemble a team of award-winning authors to lead intensive writing retreats with daily instruction, one-on-one consultations, creative exercises to encourage and inspire writing, and an exclusive pass to the Stratford Writers Festival. Surrounded by Stratford’s artistic vibe, this creative and nurturing environment helps take your writing to the next level, whatever stage you’re at. For more information, visit the Write Now Retreat page and read through the detailed FAQ section.

About Theresa Albert

Cookbook author and Food Network host Theresa Albert teaches nutrition to culinary students and events management to PR post graduates.  Her interactive and energetic teaching style is as inspiring as it is informative. She has published two cookbooks in both Canada and the US, written countless blogs, National Magazine stories, and recipes, and written a National Meal Planning Column for Metro called Word of Mouth.

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