Q&A with Write Now Retreat instructor Alison Wearing

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We’re excited to have talented instructor Alison Wearing leading the "Memoir Writing" Write Now Retreat over the course of three days. Read this Q&A with Alison to learn more about the retreat and the process of writing a memoir.

Q&A with Write Now Retreat instructor Farzana Doctor

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Talented instructor Farzana Doctor will be leading the "Finesse your Next Draft: Editing and Revising your Manuscript for the Marketplace" three-day Write Now Retreat. Read this Q&A with Farzana to learn more about the retreat and the process of revising your manuscript.

Write Now Retreat: How to Write a Cookbook

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Chef and author Theresa Albert will lead the "How to Write a Cookbook" Write Now Retreat. Take your recipe book from concept to complete cookbook over 3 days!

Write Now Retreat: Writing Technique and Creativity

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Learn tips and tricks to hone your writing technique and bolster your creativity at this three day Write Now Retreat with award-winning author and professor Kim Echlin.

Getting to Know Your #CanLitPit Publishers: Goose Lane Editions

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Before #CanLitPit on Wednesday, August 10, 2016, learn more about Goose Lane Editions! On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, Canadian writers from coast to coast are invited to pitch their unpublished and polished manuscripts as part of #CanLitPit (Canadian Literature Pitch). Using the hashtag #CanLitPit as well as manuscript specific age and genre hashtags, writers will [...]

How to Craft a Winning Twitter Party Pitch

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5 Helpful Reminders for #Pit2Pub! Excitement among participating writers and publishers has reached a fever pitch (pun intended) with #Pit2Pub only a few days away. Have you begun to write your pitches yet? As a participating writer, you’ll want to have your pitches ready to go, along with your finished and polished manuscript. If you’ve [...]

The Write Stuff: Getting the Most from Scrivener

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scrivener The folks behind the writing tool Scrivener answer some of our questions.   What can Scrivener be used for? For what is it ideally suited?  Scrivener can be used for any form of writing. Whilst probably not the go-to application for a single page letter, it would definitely be a boon [...]

I Am A Writer Series – Writing Tips From Author Anita Seymour Davison

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Q&A With Author Anita Seymour Davison Want to know what other writers think? Check out our I Am A Writer series where we ask writers to share tips, experiences, and thoughts about what matters to them. How does your geographic location affect your writing? I have moved about quite a lot during my life, which might [...]

Literary Insights: El Tren De La Muerte

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Writing The Immigrant Journey Enrique (whose last name is never disclosed to protect his privacy) was only five years old when his mother left him behind in Honduras to begin a new life in the United States. Lourdes believed the separation from her son would last no longer than a year while she earned enough support [...]

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