5 Tips For Writing The Best Tweets

Are you using Twitter for your book marketing efforts?

Twitter is the perfect channel to reach and engage with a new audience of potential book buyers and sellers – and it’s so easy! Within a few minutes, a tweet can reach hundreds of people through re-tweets and quotes.

Writing your tweets, however, may not be as simple. With only 140 characters at your disposal, any author must understand how to craft the tweet de résistance. After all, a properly composed tweet is more likely to receive higher engagement. With this fact in mind, our book marketing experts have put together an example and 5 tips for writing the perfect tweet.


1) Write for Your Audience – The first part of your tweet should be between 80-100 characters. This text should be aimed towards your audience, maintain your personal brand, and have a call to action. Not easy, right?

2) Include a Short URL – As part of your book marketing efforts, you may be using Twitter to drive traffic to your author website or to Amazon. If this redirection is your goal, make sure you include a shortened URL to your intended destination to save characters and track your click-through rate.

Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist

3) Use Hashtags – You can increase the reach of your tweet by using a relevant hashtag or one used by your audience in your tweets. For example, if your book is a novel for teens, use the hashtag #teenreads or #YA.

4) Include an Image or Video – Using an image or video in your tweet will dramatically increase the engagement rate. Always check that the image or video you include is relevant, high quality, and is sized properly for Twitter (200 x 440 pixels).

5) Leave Room for Re-tweets – If you are going to craft the perfect tweet, you’ll want others to share it with their followers. Before you send your tweet, make sure you have at least 2-5 characters remaining for the “RT” to be added at the front of it.

If your tweets need a pick-me-up, get in touch with one of our book marketing experts to schedule a personal consultation. Alternatively, visit our Social Media Services page for more information on how we can help build and manage your Twitter and other social channels.

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Do you use Twitter to promote your books?

Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist