5 Things Authors Should Stop Doing on Social Media

During the early stages of developing a book’s marketing plan, it’s not uncommon that an author is told that they need to get onto social media and build a following. Not only does this following help extend the reach of future promotions, but it also helps to develop an author brand and a connection with potential readers.

However, many authors fail to develop a plan to build their following and simply resort to doing things they have “heard are successful” or have seen elsewhere. Unfortunately, very few authors take the time to research what does and does not work for building a following and an author brand. Also, very few use professional social media services to help them grow their following and create a content plan.

If you’re doing any of the following 5 things on social media, our book marketing experts recommend you stop immediately!

1) Oversharing

Many authors share content to support their fellow authors or to contribute to the writing community. However, it’s very easy to forget that your followers extend beyond the writing community and fellow authors. Your followers are also your readers and they do not want to be bombarded with a ton of this content! The same goes for other irrelevant posts like photos of your cat. As an author, you’re a public figure, so you should keep it professional but accessible.

2) Auto-Tweeting Your Facebook Posts

If your Facebook account is set up to automatically post to Twitter, you need to disable this feature immediately! While time saving, any lengthy Facebook post will be cut off on Twitter, resulting in poor engagement and disgruntled followers. You should always be taking the time to craft unique posts for both Facebook and Twitter.

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3) Posting Without Editing Your Post

You would not want to send your book to anyone without having it properly edited. As an author, your social media is an extension of your writing abilities. Ensure that each social media post is reviewed for spelling and grammar. Plus, you will want to review each post’s tone so you’re sure it cannot be interpreted in a potentially damaging way.

4) Sharing Content About Controversial Topics

Unless your book is about topics such as religion, politics, and sex, you will want to avoid posting about these topics. As a public figure and a professional, the best way to alienate half your audience is to post content that may offend them. No matter your views on these topics, keep them off your social media.

5) Forgetting About Scheduled Social Media Posts

When horrific events such as mass shootings or powerful hurricanes happen, nobody is going to care about your book, your book tour, or your great reviews. While we recommend scheduling your posts ahead of time, establish set times in your content strategy so you remember to pull or reschedule messaging when it is not appropriate.

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