5 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Exposure

Much like Facebook, Pinterest uses an algorithm that controls which pins you see in your home feed. With the popularity of the visual network growing, it’s quite possible that your pins are no longer being seen by your intended audience. For example, if you have recently written a YA novel, are your graphic quotes and character sketches being seen by your fans? If not, you’ve got a problem!

However, this problem is easily addressed. Below, our book marketing experts briefly discuss 5 ways to improve the quality of your pins and boards for maximum exposure.

1. Clean Up Your Account Once a Month

Pinterest’s algorithm favours accounts that post high-quality images that receive substantial engagement. Not all popular pins are created equal and many of your pins will not get substantial re-pins from your followers. To make sure your account is optimized for maximum engagement, set aside time once a month to go through your boards and delete all of the pins that have fewer than 4 or 5 re-pins.

2. Pin and Re-Pin Based on Popularity

We understand that it can be tempting to re-pin every amazing image you come across on Pinterest. However, if you do this, you will end up with an awesome collection of images that offer little value to your audience. To curate a popular account with boards that give value to your followers, look a bit further to see how many re-pins each image actually has before you share it to one of your own boards.

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3. Combine Pinterest Analytics with Google Analytics to Identify Traffic-Driving Pins

It’s very important to have your website verified on Pinterest. Not only does this support your credibility, but it also provides you with access to your website stats. This makes it possible to see which of your original pins from your website or blog are most popular on Pinterest. Cross-check this information with Google Analytics and use the combined stats to verify which of your popular pins are driving traffic to your website.

4. Adjust Board Elements for Visibility in Search

Many people have boards that are not getting the visibility they had hoped for. Rather than deleting the board altogether, try adjusting some of the board’s elements to improve its visibility in search. For example, you can change your board title to see if that board’s performance improves (i.e. an increase in re-pins). You can also edit the board’s description, category, and cover image.

5. Post Your Original Pins During Key Posting Times

If possible, try and post your original pins during high-traffic times on Pinterest. Our book marketing experts recommend to post during the evenings and on weekends to improve engagement.

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