5 Tips for Creating Attractive Pinterest Pins & Boards

Over the past several weeks, our book marketing experts have provided authors with several helpful and must-know Pinterest tips and tricks. From creating perfectly sized pins to optimizing your account for search, these tips will help to ensure that your content is reaching your intended audience.

But what about creating your content? At the end of the day, if you do not have great content you will receive very little engagement. With so much content available, separating your pins and boards from the pack may seem daunting. However, there’s no need to worry! Pinterest recently completed a study examining more than 100,000 pins to see how differences in things like text and background affect clicks and re-pins. Based on their findings, here are 5 tips for creating attractive pins and boards:

1. Create Pins That Help Your Audience

Pinterest recommends posting pins that inform and assist your audience. In fact, informative pins are up to 30% more engaging than other pins. To make your pins useful for your audience, try adding some advice – like a life tip or recipe. Remember to add a detailed description with each info pin!

2. Post Beautiful Pins

It’s recommended that you use high-resolution, well-lit photographs and images. If you’re taking pictures for your upcoming home décor book, for example, take some time to think about each setting – Is it attractive to my audience? Is it clean and simple? Will it stand out amongst the thousands of other pins?

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3. Ensure Your Pins Are Tasteful

Pinterest recommends being mindful of your branding as you’re adding text and logos. Nobody likes a pin that looks like an ad so avoid talking too much about your brand or new book release. For example, it’s perfectly acceptable to note that a recipe is from your new cookbook. You will want to avoid listing all of the locations where it may be purchased and the fine details, however.

4. Think Of Your Boards As “Window Displays”

Boards are a collection of images that pertain to a particular topic. For authors, boards can be used to display your knowledge on a wider topic through a number of different “windows.” For example, let’s assume you just released a book on how to survive in the woods for a week. You’ll want to have boards – windows – featuring camping equipment, survival techniques, cooking ideas, nature tips, etc. All of these represent your combined knowledge on your specific topic and will be of interest to your audience.

5. Invite Others To Participate

In your board descriptions, ensure you make it very clear that anyone can pin to your boards and participate in the discussion. Returning to our last example, let’s say someone posts a new style of tent to your camping equipment board. Be sure to comment on it – engage with your audience! “Have you used it before?” If so, give that person a tip or direct them to a great informative pin to assist them with that product.

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