5 Tips to Improve Social Media Engagement through Content

Through our consultations, it has been quite common to hear from authors and publishers who are experiencing a dramatic decline in the amount of engagement they receive on their social media content. While this is particularly true of Facebook, the same sentiments can be applied to other large channels as well.

With these concerns in mind, our book marketing experts have assembled 5 tips to improve social media engagement through content. If you are looking for a great content strategy or just need help managing your social media, contact us for an expert consultation – we’d love to help.

1)    Ask Your Audience Simple Questions

One of the best ways to increase engagement is to ask your followers simple questions. People want a chance to be heard, and through the comments section, they receive the opportunity to have their say. Inviting your followers to join the conversation makes them feel like you are actually listening (which you should be!) and care about what they have to say. This effort will help you to build valuable relationships with your followers.

Example: Post an image of two well-known book covers but with different styles. Ask your audience to vote on which style they like best, with the winner to be used as a starting point for the cover for your upcoming work. Don’t forget to reply to comments!

2)    Post Funny or Light-Hearted Content

Some of your followers may work dull 9-5 workdays and could use a laugh or two once they sit down on their computers or with their mobile devices at the end of the day. Posting funny and light-hearted content can alleviate the mood of your followers and, by doing so, they are more likely to engage with that content.

Example: Following your author brand, post a branded image with a funny saying or famous quote about anything you like. Bonus points if you ask a question with it!

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3)    Be Personal

It’s no secret that the more your audience connects with you, the more likely they are to buy your books. As a professional author, give your followers an insight into the real you. By doing so, you will establish commonalities with your followers and further build upon your relationship with them.

Example : Post a picture with papers scattered all over the floor and your dog sitting in the middle of them. Include the text, “So the editing of book 2 is a bit ruff.”

4)    Re-Post Blogs and Evergreen Content

Many authors make the mistake of only sharing their new content once and that’s it. With social media moving so quickly, most people will not see it, which drastically decreases the number of followers who may choose to engage. Depending on the social network, you should be sharing your new content more than once. As outlined in a previous blog post, you can extend the life of your content when you make it evergreen.

Example: To promote an upcoming bookstore appearance, re-post the blog you wrote following your previous visit a few years prior.

5)    Post Content Your Audience Will Like

Remember, your social media pages are not only about you! Try and put yourself into the mind of your target consumer: What content do they engage with? Which websites do they frequent? What are their favourite books? What do they find interesting? With this information, you will not only be catering directly to your audience, but you will also be building relationships.

Example: A well-known author within your genre has recently released a new book. Post the review from the New York Times and ask what your followers thought.

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