5 Tips to Grow Your Followers on Snapchat

Last week, we discussed Snapchat and how it should be an integral part of your marketing plan if you write for a teen or young adult audience. Remember, Snapchat is not for every author and needs to be used selectively. Like all social media platforms, you should always choose the ones where your audience is most active.

So, let’s say you’ve gone ahead and started a Snapchat account, and you have a few followers but not as many as you’d like. Well, our book marketing experts are here with 5 tips for growing your Snapchat followers!

1) Alert Your Email Subscribers

Most authors and publishers have a list of email subscribers established via an email collection plug-in on their website. To alert your email subscribers about your new Snapchat account, add your Snapchat “snapcode” to your next newsletter. This allows others to simply scan your code and add you. You can include a special mention with your username as well.

2) Add Snapchat to Your Website

Your website is where you’re already driving your followers via virtually everything you do online (“Read my new blog…” or “Click here…”), so leverage your website to promote your Snapchat account. Again, create a link with your snapcode just like you would your Facebook and Twitter URLs.

Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist

3) Print Your Snapcode with Your Book

At some point, every book mentions the author’s social media accounts. Usually, this note is towards the end of the book or on the back cover. Ask your publisher if they are okay with adding your snapcode to the book. This way, readers can use their smartphone to scan the code and add you.

4) Cross-Promote Your Snapchat

Cross-promoting your new Snapchat on your existing social media accounts may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many authors forget to do it! You can even try going silent for a day on all other social media platforms and encourage your followers to “Find out what’s going on via Snapchat! Add me at


5) Print Your Snapcode on Promo Materials

Many authors and publishers produce bookmarks and posters as part of a book’s supplementary merchandise. Take advantage of these widely coveted materials by adding your snapcode to increase your followers.

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Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist