5 More Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Two weeks ago, we posted a blog entitled 5 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers. The blog was so well received on social media that we decided to provide authors (and publishers) with 5 more tips to increase your Instagram followers.

1) Offer “Share for Shares” to Boost Exposure

This is a tactic you can use every day or potentially several times a day to form connections with similar authors on Instagram and reach their followers. You offer to share an account or a post that’s relevant to your book(s) and your partner agrees to do the same for you.

2) Run Giveaways to Attract New Followers

To bring in new followers and give your current followers something to look forward to, set up frequent giveaways. These can be done via a simple hashtag contest and cross-promoted across your social channels. At the end of your giveaway, encourage recipients to tag you in an Instagram post that shows what they won. Every winner’s post will expose your brand and account to even more potential followers.

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3) Craft an Amazing and Catchy Bio

It’s simple but important to create an Instagram bio that describes you and your writing, and tells people why they should follow you and what they can expect to see.

4) Create Quote Graphics to Reach New Users Through Shares

Sharing quotes through images on Instagram isn’t an unheard-of tactic, but it’s important to post only high-quality pictures and take time to select quotes that are relevant and meaningful to your target audience. You could also take it a step further to create graphic quote images from your book or use quotes from positive book reviews. (We can help with that! Contact us if you need some engaging, high quality content for your Instagram!)

5) Pay It Forward to Increase Exposure

An effective tactic that can help you build a following faster is to promote others. Post an image with a statement or a question on it, and then tag a specific follower. Ask for their input in the comments and include a reminder to tag another user for input. This creates engagement, builds followers, and increases your overall exposure.

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