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5 Tips to Showcase Your Books for the Holidays

Its that time of the year again! With Christmas and the holiday season quickly approaching, many of us are getting into a festive spirit. Whether it be red cups, window displays, or in-store decorating, many retailers fully immerse the shopper in a seasonal experience. Quite often, these efforts are connected to a larger campaign including social media.

As an author or publisher, you need to leverage your audience’s interest in holiday-related messaging and, by doing so, you are suggesting that your books would make great gifts! Plus, sales of print books tend to peak in the last quarter of the year, as consumers buy books as Christmas presents. With this in mind, here are 5 tips to showcase your books for the holidays: 

1)    Align Your Book with Holiday Motifs 

Whether it be beneath a Christmas tree or beside your favourite holiday baking, by taking pictures of your book in holiday settings, you are subtly suggesting that your book would make for a great holiday gift. Once you post the image, you may consider adding copy such as, “Who is hoping to find a copy of

[Book] under the tree?”

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2)    Donate a Portion of Holiday Sales 

Consider donating a portion of your book’s holiday sales to a charity of your choice. Or, even better, if your book features a specific issue (i.e. domestic abuse,  poverty, animal shelters, etc.) locate a charity that speaks to these issues. If possible, have your chosen charity spread the word on social media to drive sales!

3)    Launch a Holiday Fan Content Campaign 

Fan content is great because it drives engagement. For a holiday campaign, challenge your fans to snap a picture of your book in a Christmas-related setting. This may be your book about to be wrapped, or someone sitting by a cozy fire while reading your book.

4)    Offer Signed Copies of Your Book 

On social media, let your fans know that the spirt of Christmas has put you into a giving mood! Ask fans to answer a question about your book, then choose 3-5 lucky winners and collect their contact information, including address. Sign copies of your book, and in each package to the winners, include a  personalized holiday card along with some small holiday goodies!

5)    Offer Holiday Discounts 

Everyone likes to save some money during the holidays. Use your social media accounts to announce that your book will be discounted on Amazon during a specific period to drive holiday sales and gift giving. For more tips on increasing holiday book sales, check out our blog 7 Tips to Increase Holiday Book Sales.

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