5 Tips for Writers to Leverage Snapchat

As many writers know, there are almost too many social media channels to choose from when building your author platform. While the majority have Twitter and Facebook (the two largest), have you ever thought about experimenting with Snapchat? Depending on your audience, Snapchat can be a fantastic channel to grow your brand and make yourself stand out from the pack.

If you’re not familiar, Snapchat is a mobile app allowing users to capture, send, and receive momentary photos and videos. Users also can take a photo or video and make it part of their “story,” which makes it viewable to your Snapchat contacts for 24 hours. Also, given its fun nature with various filters (we’ve all seen them!), Snapchat should be very appealing to writers, as it’s easy to keep a stronger connection with existing readers.

Here are 5 tips for writers to use Snapchat:

1) Give Your Followers a Glimpse “Behind the Scenes”

There’s always something about “behind the scenes” photos and video that attracts people’s attention. Perhaps it’s because it’s raw, which makes it genuine and interesting. For writers, this could be as simple as sharing their workspace or brief thoughts on their creative process as they write. Another idea would be to talk about the “tools” you use when writing i.e. your software, your favourite notebook, your pen, etc.

2) Follow and Connect with Other Writers

If you’re already sharing behind-the-scenes information, why not add other writers so you can see what they’re up to? Alternatively, if you are part of a writing club, add members and then create a group so you can always be in touch and sharing as you write. It’s a great way to establish yourself with other writers and in your local literary community.

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3) Try an Account Takeover

An account takeover is when someone other than you is posting to your Snapchat account. This strategy could be fun if you are at an author signing and you ask a staff member to post snaps from their perspective to your Snapchat (after all, you’ll be busy selling books!).

4) Always Be Sharing

It’s no secret that people are visual creatures. For the most part, we remember things better if we see them vs. if we are simply told about them. That’s why Snapchat is so great – it’s a very creative and visual platform to keep your followers up-to-date with minimal time required. If you’re at a book signing or author event, share that on Snapchat! Sharing makes your followers feel closer to you, which builds a stronger relationship.

5) Ask Your Followers to Connect

For this tip, we suggest you act on the side of caution. However, if your audience is age-appropriate, it’s a great idea to ask them to send you their photos and videos that feature your book. It can be as simple as spotting your book in a bookstore or a video of them reading it to their dog. Engaging followers to participate and share with you helps create and foster familiarity.

So, now that you’ve got some tips, get out there and try Snapchat yourself!

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