How to Increase Click-Throughs, Re-Tweets, and Likes

Are you wondering how to write messages on Twitter to get more favourites and re-tweets? Do you want to increase the click-throughs to your website? Writing for Twitter is different than writing a book! Read the following suggestions and learn how to tweak the conversations you have with your followers every day to increase social media engagement.

1)    Use More Adverbs and Verbs

Just as with writing, where the active voice is stronger than the passive voice, the same applies to tweets! Start your tweets with action-based words rather than nouns and adjectives for more retweets and a higher click-through rate. For example, rather than “My latest thriller novel is on Amazon #FridayReads” try “Check out my latest thriller novel on Amazon #FridayReads.”

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2)    Be Strategic with Hashtags 

Choose a hashtag that will get the results you want. For example, if you want to reach a reader fanbase, choose #FridayReads rather than #WriterWednesday. The amount of hashtags is also important. On average, one or two hashtags can double your engagement.

3)    Use Images and Video 

According to a recent Twitter study, tweets that include images or video receive 313% more engagement than those that do not.

4)     Go Viral with your Phrasing

There are many studies on words and phrases that encourage engagement. One of the most popular phrases: “This is.” The most re-tweetable word: “you.”

5)    Ask for a Re-Tweet

While we’re on the topic of popular phrases, “please retweet” is among the top twenty. In fact, research has found tweets that directly ask followers to “Retweet” receive 12 times more retweets. When you spell out the entire word “Retweet,” the engagement rate more than doubles.

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Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist