Thinking of entering one of our Short Story contests?

Here’s what former entrants and winners have to say:


Exposure and Credibility

Any writing credentials provide value when moving forward.  I have learned that most agents look at your publications to establish credibility.  In addition, the anthology will provide exposure for me as an author.  Being chosen as part of the anthology also gave my confidence a nice boost. – Kathi Nidd

Explore a New Genre

I really enjoyed being part of Blue Moon Publisher’s Romancing the Story contest. It encouraged me to explore a new genre that I had always been too timid to try. The prizes are well selected and would have great benefits to any writer. It’s always so great to see an organization that’s so dedicated to helping writers advance their career. – Sara May

Boost Self-Confidence

Being chosen for the anthology has helped my self-confidence. I know I can finish something, and that I can write something people will like. That helps so much. -Lura Wilcox

Helps My Writing Career

I haven’t completed a short story (before this contest) since I was in high school, many many years ago. I think the contest will help with my writing career, just because I would never have thought of putting together a collection of short stories prior to now, so you never know! – Jaime Lee Mann