5 Tips for Publishers Marketing a Book Series

Sequels, trilogies, sagas… many authors find they cannot tell their story with just one novel, and opt to write a series of books instead. The good news for publishers is that there are several advantages to marketing a book series, as much of the groundwork is laid out with Book #1! Our book marketing experts share five tips to take into consideration when developing a marketing plan for a book series.

1) Include a Sneak Peek  

A publisher can begin book series marketing efforts before new books are even released! Include a Bonus Chapter or Sneak Peek of the next installment at the end of each new book, which will hook readers and entice their interest in the next one. The sample doesn’t have to be the first chapter, but be sure it is a passage that will pique readers’ interests!

2) Leverage Past Praise

If Book #1 was a bestseller, be sure to mention that when marketing Book #2! You can even declare that a book was written by a “bestselling author” or is part of a “bestselling series” as a tag right on the novel’s front cover. If the new installment doesn’t have any advance reviews yet, praise for other works in the same series can be included on the back cover or on an Advance Praise page.

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3) Enlist Past Reviewers

Reviewers who enjoyed the first book in a series are probably dying to know what happens next, and eager to read subsequent installments! Chances are also good that if they enjoyed the first one, they will be fans of the second, and write positive feedback. You can also leverage reviewer contacts for other titles you may have in a similar genre. Make sure they know when a new book is out and ready for review!

4) Use Your Email List  

If you have an email list of readers for this series, or any books on your title list, now is the time to put it to good use! Send out a notice letting fans know that the next book in the series is out, and where it can be purchased. You can also use this email list to keep your subscribers engaged and up-to-date between releases.

5) Contact Supportive Outlets

A retail outlet that carries the first book in a series, or any books on your title list, will probably want to offer the rest. Get in touch with outlets that supported past books, and let them know of subsequent installments. Stores that carry books from your title list can be great options for launch parties, as well!

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