Ramp up your Holiday Book Revenue

By The DigiWriting Staff

Did you know that at least 46% of shoppers will buy books/DVDs/video games this holiday season? That statistic, found in the new Holiday Consumer Spending Survey, means that the holidays are a fantastic time for authors to increase their book’s sales. Our book marketing experts have assembled the following tips to help get your book noticed.


As the holidays are a time for giving, consider offering your book at a discounted price. Of course, be sure to promote this across all your social media channels.

Limited Time

Almost nothing gets the attention of consumers more than the phrase “for a limited time only.” For example, you may choose to include a custom bookmark with each book sold during the month of December.

Personalize It

Readers love nothing more than signed copies of their favourite books. For a specified period, offer to sign each book. While this may seem time consuming, your readers will undoubtedly appreciate it.

Local Events

Typically, local communities offer numerous events around the holidays. Check with local schools, churches, libraries and coffee shops and ask to attend events where you and your book would be welcome. Sweeten the deal by offering to sign books, hold a reading (especially if your book has a holiday/Christmas theme!) and conduct giveaways.

Contacting Media/Bloggers

Around the holidays, media and bloggers – big and small – often do “Holiday Roundups” or provide lists of their favourite gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Whether through personal contacts or a professional press release, pitch your book considering its audience and price. For example:

  • “One of the Best Holiday Reads for Teens” (Teens/YA)
  • “Great Gift for History Buffs under $10”  (History)
  • “Start the New Year with a New You!” (Self-Help & Health/Mind/Body


Over the holidays, our charitable nature increases. Choose your favourite charity or one relevant to your book’s subject and donate a portion of your holiday sales. While this may not be possible for some authors, it gives people a reason to feel great about buying your book.

Social Media

There are nearly endless possibilities on social media. Around the holidays, try these quick tips:

  • Run a Goodreads giveaway pitching your book as a perfect holiday read
  • Outfit your regular social media graphics for the holidays
  • Incorporate other marketing activities into messaging (i.e. charity donation, personalized books, etc…)
  • If you run an author newsletter, give it a holiday theme (content and graphics) promoting your book and holiday activities

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