Q&A With Author Aleks George Srbinoski

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Do you have a favourite social media channel? Why?

Twitter is my favourite social media channel. Most people you follow will follow back, and it has the best sharing etiquette, as most people will mention from where and whom the information comes from. It’s also fast, as a press of a button will share a tweet. Unlike Facebook, there is no manipulation of “reach.” Your tweet will go out to the feed of every follower you have.

In your opinion, what is the best way to react to a negative review?

Read a negative review once only. Do your best to relax and remain analytical. Read it, and only if something valid is said, write out the criticism and generate how you could solve it for either the next edition or in relation to future projects. Then never look at the review again. Life is already too short and too hard to get caught up in negativity.

How important are friends and family when you market your book?

Most of your friends and family will not care about your book. They care about you, but most will not have an interest in what you are writing about. Therefore, if you enlist their help, make it as easy as possible for them and don’t expect too much. Your time is better spent finding people interested in your niche and building relationships and fans out of them.

Do you have a professionally designed author logo or branding?

I always work with a designer. It is easier, faster, cheaper, and better. People judge you based on whatever represents you visually. I am a writer, not a designer. I don’t have time to play around with graphics; I am busy writing, consulting, and speaking. Never spend time on what someone else can do faster, easier, and better. It is also becomes cheaper when you ask yourself: how much is my time worth?

How do you prepare for interviews? Can you share a few tips?

First, always be over-prepared. A professional is ready for any potential question.

Second, remind yourself that you are the expert. You wrote the book, so you know your material.

Three, you must relax, smile, and (if possible) stand and use your body dynamically when you speak. Deliver your words with passion and meaningfulness. You must convince yourself and therefore others that every word you say is important, valuable, and inspiring.

Author Bio

Aleks George Srbinoski is an author, speaker, and psychologist focusing on mental health, success, happiness, and entrepreneurship. Known as a leading expert in success and happiness strategies, he is the founder of FulfillingHappiness.com and author of the Success Secrets Series, and the Fulfilling Happiness Program. His most recent book, Maximum Mental Health, outlines the twenty principles for happier, healthier, and more successful living.

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