Unveiling the Cover for the upcoming Romance Short Story Anthology

Today DigiWriting and Blue Moon Publishers are revealing the cover for Romancing the Story, the upcoming anthology based on the shortlist from our current Short Story contest.  Check out the cover, read the designer’s thoughts on the design and let us know what you think!



Title: Romancing the Story

Publisher: Blue Moon Publishers

Publication Date: August 2014


Designer Reveal: Kat McCarthy

We worked with Canadian designer, Kat McCarthy of Aeternum Designs, and asked her to share thoughts on design for this cover:


Choosing the best images for Romancing the Story anthology was a very exciting challenge for a designer. Knowing the winning stories of the contest would have varying degrees of ‘heat’ and romance, I searched for a central image that would complement them all and engage a variety of audiences.

Following the seven tips outlined in my previous blog post, I settled on a simple yet powerful image of a couple holding hands. The intimacy of this simple act epitomizes sweet romance (genre-appropriate), yet still was suitable for a steamy romance. Engaging readers on an emotional level is key to any effective book cover design.


The typography chosen for the title is also genre-appropriate for tales of romance…flowing and curved. Warm blue tones were applied to the image and a soft yellow font was used for the title as a way to represent the warmth and hope that will be experienced while reading the amazing stories underneath the cover of this anthology.

About Aeternum Designs

Aeternum Designs is a graphic design company specializing in professional book cover art for fiction & non-fiction authors. They design covers for ebooks, paperbacks and dust jackets for hardcovers, and work closely with authors to design a cover that perfectly complements a manuscript. They will work until you are 100 per cent satisfied that your cover will engage a reader emotionally, that the cover’s message is clear and stands out on a crowded shelf. View their book cover art gallery, as well as numerous premade book covers currently available for purchase.

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