Twitter Pitch Event Provides Unpublished Canadian Writers with Opportunities

We’re thrilled to announce the return of #CanLitPit on February 8, 2017! In August 2016, the inaugural #CanLitPit became the #6 trend on Twitter with more than 500 pitches being posted during the event by close to 200 writers from coast to coast.

Canadian Literature Pitch or #CanLitPit is a DigiWriting Book Marketing Agency initiative intended to increase the number of Canadian writers who share their stories through Canadian publishers and literary agents.

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017 from 10 AM to 10 PM, Canadian writers with a completed and polished manuscript can post their pitch on Twitter for Canadian publishers and literary agents to see. If a writer’s pitch is favourited by a publisher or literary agent, the writer will follow the manuscript submission guidelines posted online or in the publisher or literary agent’s Twitter feed. To read the full rules, please visit our #CanLitPit event page.

We are also pleased to announce that several well-established Canadian publishers will be participating on event day, including ECW Press, Turnstone Press, and Coteau Books. New publishers and literary agents will be added right up to event day, so keep checking the #CanLitPit event page for the latest information.

To provide additional support to writers, we are also pleased to announce the return of our pitch workshop to our blog! Beginning Wednesday, February 1, 2017, participating Canadian writers will have the opportunity to use the pitch workshop to refine and revise their pitches to capture the attention of participating publishers and literary agents.

We will also encourage writers to post their best pitch(es) in the comments section of a special post on our Facebook page. Working together, participating writers will have the opportunity to provide each other with advice and tips to refine their pitches prior to the official #CanLitPit event. Canadian editor Una Verdandi will be offering her advice and expertise through the pitch workshop blog as well as on Facebook.

If you’re not sure about participating in #CanLitPit, here’s what participating writers had to say about the last #CanLitPit on Wednesday, August 10, 2016:

“#CanLitPit – a great idea. It can feel alienating to be a Canadian writer, amid the market dominance of the American and UK literary scenes.” – R.B. Young (@rb_young)

“#CanLitPit was fun. I’m proud of our book industry, & it was good to “meet” some Canadian presses I didn’t know about before today.” – Sarah Sawler (@SarahSawler)

“#CanLitPit is a great way to introduce authors to publishers and vice-versa.” – Denise Nielson (@denielson)

“Jumping on the bandwagon for #CanLitPit by @DigiWriting! Excited to read great pitches (& send my own) for great novels by fellow Canadians!” – Tyra Anne (@tyraanne11)

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