Media Relations Service

As book marketing experts, we understand that a relationship between an author and a professional reviewer, whether it be a community newspaper journalist or a book blogger, goes beyond a book review. While editorial reviews are an effective tactic to get your book in front of potential consumers, quite often, these are not easy to obtain.

In fact, getting a book in front of a potential reviewer is only the beginning as, unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they will publish a review. However, by developing meaningful and long-term relationships with professional reviewers, an author or publisher can increase their odds of receiving a review. This process often includes weeks (even months!) of regular communication, and can become time consuming when combined with additional marketing and publicity initiatives.

As an extension of our Book Review Service, our Media Relations Service leverages our longstanding relationships with professional reviewers across a wide spectrum of genres, interests, and channels. By pairing your book with a select group of reviewers and media, we increase the odds of a review, and assist bloggers and media in locating fresh content as well.

As part of your team, your dedicated book marketing expert will work to obtain reviews and manage the book review process, including conducting follow-up communications and coordinating publication, promotion, and public posting.

Your dedicated book marketing expert will also assist in helping you to maintain these relationships and open the door to additional promotional opportunities. Not only does this practice increase your title’s chances for success, it also lays the groundwork for future titles while establishing your name and brand.