Book Review Service

As book marketing experts, we understand the immense importance of book reviews. They draw the attention of potential buyers, both consumer and trade, and often lead to a purchase. They can also be used on an advance praise page within a book, posted on a website and social media, and provide validation to an author for work well done. For this reason, many authors and publishers are eager to list their book(s) with us on NetGalley.

NetGalley is a popular online service publicizing upcoming and recent books to more than 100,000 professional readers and reviewers including media, bookstores, librarians, bloggers and educators. NetGalley’s service offers secure DRM encrypted digital e-books and promotional materials to professional readers for potential reviews. Our book marketing experts recommend NetGalley for both new and established authors looking to grow their community, gain valuable reviews and establish their titles among genre-specific reviewers.

NetGalley listings are available on a monthly basis and consecutive months are available at a discount!