5 Tips to Get the Most Attention from a 5-Star Review

A few weeks ago, our book marketing experts discussed 5 Tips to Handle a Fantastic Review. In this blog, we provided you with the initial steps that you should take should you find yourself suddenly facing a number of positive reviews – every author’s dream!

This week, we’re back with 5 more tips to get the most attention out of every positive review you receive. Use these tips to amplify your great review and demonstrate to potential buyers that your book is worth their hard-earned money!

1. Thank the Reviewer 

This should go without saying! If you have received a 5-star review, make sure you take some time to thank the reviewer. Not only does this act show your appreciation for their review, it also builds a relationship with them for your future titles. You may choose to thank them via a short, personal email or on social media.

2. Post to Social Media

After you’ve shared your great review with those close to you, post your review to your social media channels so your fans can read it. Not only will they provide you with more positive encouragement, but they’re also likely to share it too!

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3. Pull Key Quotes From Each Review

Not only should you be sharing each review on your social media pages, but you should also post them to your website. However, it is not realistic to post several, full length reviews to your website (especially if you do not have the reviewer’s permission!). Instead, pull key quotes from each review that demonstrate the reviewer’s love for both you and your book, and post these to your website. Be sure to include the reviewer’s name, the outlet for which they write, and a link to the full review.

4. Explore Additional Opportunities

If you have received a positive review from a major media outlet or book blog, you should always be looking to explore additional opportunities. These may take the form of an author interview or participation in an event. Whatever you decide to do, the additional exposure will only help to build your brand and sell more books!

5. Ask to Post Reviews to Amazon and Goodreads

Through social media, your website, your newsletter, or other outlets, we recommend asking that all reviews – preferably positive ones – get posted to Amazon and Goodreads. Amazon is the #1 book retailer in the world, and it’s a well-known fact that reviews sell books. Goodreads is the #1 book discussion site in the world, and readers congregate here to discuss their favourite books. If a fantastic review is not published anywhere, it may as well not exist.

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