DigiWriting Partners with #Pit2Pub for 2016

We are very excited to announce that DigiWriting has partnered with the organizers of the popular #Pit2Pub Twitter Pitch Parties. Using our resources, reach, and expertise, we cannot wait to assist in elevating #Pit2Pub and its participating publishers and authors to new heights.

Despite the fact that the next #Pit2Pub Pitch Party is not occurring until February 3rd, 2016, we’re already getting the celebration started! Beginning on October 5th, 2015, visit our website to read guest blogs from participating publishers, and gain valuable insights into their approach to book marketing and what each publisher will be looking for during the upcoming #Pit2Pub! We will also be hosting a “workshop” on how to craft the perfect tweet just days before the pitch party. Stay tuned for more info…

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To learn more about #Pit2Pub, check out the information below!

What is #Pit2Pub?

#Pit2Pub is a Twitter Pitch Party for writers to tweet a 140-character pitch for their completed and polished manuscript(s) directly to publishers. If your 140-character pitch is favourited by a publisher or agent, you may submit your manuscript by following their submission guidelines.

When is the next #Pit2Pub occurring?

The next event is scheduled for February 3, 2016, and will occur between 8 am CST and 8 pm CST.

How can I participate in #Pit2Pub? 

All you need to do is to jump on to Twitter and post your pitch! When writing your 140-character pitch, make sure to leave enough room to include #Pit2Pub, Age, and Genre hashtags in the tweet. Click here for a full list of Age and Genre hashtags. Please note that participants may only post 3 unique tweets per manuscript.

How do I know if a publisher or agent is interested in my manuscript? 

Publishers will favourite your tweet if they wish to see more. If you receive a favourite (yellow star), follow the submission directions on their website, or look for them on the official #Pit2Pub blogs.

Where can I learn more about #Pit2Pub?

Keep up to date on #Pit2Pub information and rules by visiting Kristin’s BlogAnn’s Blog, and DigiWriting’s website.

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Will you be participating in #Pit2Pub in February? 

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