5 Tips to Increase Book Sales During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again!

The smell of freshly baked cookies is in the air. Family stockings are being hung with care. Hot chocolate and egg nog are readily flowing. And, perhaps most significantly, cash registers and online merchants are buzzing with consumers’ spending.

In fact, in PwC’s 2016 Holiday Outlook report, consumer spending is expected to increase by 10% compared to the 2015 holiday season. Spending is most likely to increase within the travel and entertainment categories instead of within traditional gift categories such as jewelry and clothing. Online shopping and digital spending is also likely to increase by up to 25%!

This is fantastic news for authors and publishers alike. With many authors and publishers preferring digital sales as they are more profitable, now is a great time to increase online promotions – website and social media – for your titles. Also, with spending likely to increase in the travel and entertainment categories, this holiday season is the perfect time to be front and centre with your book(s). After all, books are a wonderful form of entertainment (we’re slightly biased) and everyone loves a good book to travel with!

With this year’s holiday sales season in full swing, here are 5 tips to sell your book(s) during the holidays:

1) Donate a Portion of Your Book’s Sales to Charity

During the holidays, most of us are more charitable than we may be during the year. Align your book(s) with a charity of your choice and donate a portion of your holiday book sales! Publishers can apply this strategy by choosing a single charity and donating on behalf of all authors as well. Not only does this allow you to give back, but you’re also giving people a reason to feel great about buying a book!

2) Pitch Your Book to Media for Holiday Lists

In December, it’s very common for media to publish “holiday round-up” lists. Within the publishing industry, it’s very common to see lists such as “The Top 10 Guy Books of 2016” or “The Best Books for a Hearty Laugh.” Pitch your book(s) to those outlets who publish these lists to potentially be included!

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3) Discount Your Book During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time for giving. With consumers often looking for bargains wherever they can find them, offering your book at a discounted price can be the best approach to increasing sales. This strategy can be especially effective for a book that is the first in a series and has been out for a while. By offering the initial book at a lower price, should the reader enjoy it, they are more likely to buy the next books at regular retail price!

4) Promote a Limited Time Offer

This tip can be incorporated with discounting your book(s), as explained above. However, to take it a step further, you could offer an exclusive bookmark or other item of merchandise with all books sold during the holidays. Or, if it’s feasible, you can offer to sign all books sold during the holidays as a gift to readers. Often, for the average consumer, offering something small can lead to a purchase.

5) Appear at Local Events and Stores

Another great way to increase book sales is via traditional hand-selling at local events and bookstores during the holiday season. Offer to meet & greet readers and sign books during your town’s annual holiday activities. Contact local bookstores to inquire about popping by and conducting a reading on a weekend. You’ll be surprised how this can spur folks to purchase your book!

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