5 More Tips To Support Your Book Signing Event

You’ve written your book, your marketing plan is in place, and it’s time to go to your first book signing! Follow our ongoing 6-part series where we share tips and tricks to make this an enjoyable and successful experience for you, the author.

1) Print business cards

Handing out business cards is an effective way to stay in a reader’s mind. Ensure that yours are visually appealing, and be sure to include your name, author website, author email address, and book titles.

2) Organize passages to read ahead of time

At some book signings, you may be asked to read a passage to your audience. Before the day of the signing, choose your passage, label it clearly, and practise reading it aloud. We also suggest picking a few different passages, so that you can appeal to whoever is in your audience. For example, a passage about the trials of being a mom would work well if you notice that your audience fits this demographic!

3) Sell to foot traffic, not invitees

Friends and family will buy your book regardless. Publicize your book signing and invite your contacts, but also sell to the people who are already in the store. Focus your energy on the people who may not already know about you and your book, and you may end the day with some brand new fans!

Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist

4) Don’t be constrained by your genre

By expanding your genre, you can reach readers beyond the niche of your sub-genre. For example, if you say your book is a Western, you may exclude Historical Fiction readers who would also enjoy it. Tell readers about your book specifically, as opposed to letting a category limit you.

5) Talk about it!

Don’t be shy! Wave to and greet the customers. Try something like, “Hello, do you have a moment? I’d love to tell you about my book!”

Go ahead and talk to people, and at the very least, make eye contact.  You might not make a sale with that individual,  but leaving a positive impact is just as important. This may lead to a positive “word of mouth” review, or a book purchased as a gift.

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Promote Your Book Like A Pro Waitlist