5 Tips To Support Your Book Signing Event

Now that you have written your book and your marketing plan is in place, it’s time to go to your first book signing!  Follow our ongoing 6-part blog series where we’ll share tips to make your debut book signing an enjoyable and successful experience.

1) Bring extra books to each signing

The stores will have copies of your book on-site, but we also suggest keeping an extra few boxes of books in your car. It’s always a good idea to be prepared! Otherwise, you may miss out on some big sales.

2) Get a spot by the door

Most managers will set up your table in a location with heavy foot traffic, but if not, ask to move to another spot. Ideally, that means next to the front door. If there are a few entrances, observe areas where people frequent the most, and see if you can move your table accordingly.

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3) Connect with passersby through intentional conversation

Being genuinely interested in every person you meet is especially beneficial at book signings.  Through selling a book, you are also selling yourself. The people you speak to may not buy the book that day, but they may remember your conversation and purchase a copy afterwards. While conversations need to be limited so that not too much time is spent with one individual, genuine connections will help generate book sales.

4) Bookmarks can make an impression

A memorable bookmark should include a picture of your book cover and a concise review the book has received, preferably from a recognizable outlet. Have some bookmarks to place in each book you sign, and also leave a few extras at the store checkouts for other customers. Bookmarks are an effective—and generally affordable—promotion tool that go beyond the book signing and help readers to remember your title after the event.

5) Stay longer

Saturdays and Sundays are usually ideal days for sales. Ask the store when their best times are, but be prepared to stay longer if there is interest and the store is busy (if store management allows).

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