Stress Management Tips for the Entire Year

Over the past several months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Annika Sörensen on the launch for her new book, My De-Stress Diary. The book is the ideal practical guide complementing Dr. Annika’s highly rated first book, Take Stress from Chaos to Calm.

With My De-Stress Diary, Dr. Annika provides readers with the space to grow as they overcome the challenges of stress to achieve peace of mind.  In today’s ‘always-on’ world, we often only keep the destination in mind and forget to create an enjoyable journey.  Dr. Annika takes a “back to basics” approach to help readers re-learn the fundamentals to enjoy their journey, manage their stress, and cultivate positive relationships.  Many of us know the importance of eating a good breakfast, setting aside “me-time,” and exercising; however, these are the aspects that are most forgotten when life becomes busy.

My De-Stress Diary provides week-by-week tips for readers to introduce into their lives, teaching that even in life’s busiest moments, managing stress and finding happiness is possible.  Asking questions along the way, My De-Stress Diary is a conversational piece providing  mentorship and support, but ultimately reminds readers that they are responsible for their own changes.  Dr. Annika’s book functions as a source of empowerment, teaching that the possibility for change begins with intention and a strong mindset.  Readers are encouraged to express their intentions and reflections with each tip, thus – as Dr. Annika notes – they become the co-authors of the book. My De-Stress Diary is available for purchase on Amazon

DigiWriting and our book marketing experts have supported Dr. Annika and the book’s launch by creating a custom book cover, crafting a series of Holiday De-Stress Tips and via one-on-one consultations. Click here to read Dr. Annika’s DigiWriting Case Study.

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